Super8 / 16mm / Super 16 Bundle

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Sequence 03.00_00_01_02.Still001.jpg

Super8 / 16mm / Super 16 Bundle


If you need great overlays to fake that film look, this pack contains Super 8, 16mm & Super 16mm Overlays!

(For those that own my other film overlays, THESE ARE NEW!!!)

They are custom made from scans of mine, but making them work easy for you

Files are 4K/UHD 3840x2160 & 1080p

Just drag and drop and select to correct Blend mode

Matte files go above your video layer - select blend mode as ‘Multiply

Perf files go above the Matte layer - select blend mode as ‘Screen

To sell the look even more, please look at my ‘Sound Design Pack’ which contains film camera sounds and other sound for transition effects

Also check out my ‘Dirty Grain Files’ on my site

Have Fun!

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