DP // View-Master


DP // View-Master


Can you remember being a kid using the ViewMaster?

Here is my own Custom style on the memory to use for cool edits, nostalgia, fun.

Simply drag and drop the ‘ViewMaster’ mattes already animated, set the blend mode of these files to ‘Multiply’

To best sell the edits, change the image on every flip, while adding the flashes for transitions

The ViewMaster ‘Flashes’ need to be set as ‘Screen’ for the blend mode

Using the sounds added in the pack also works treat

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Simply Drop the Viewmaster files/mattes above your video layer and set the blend mode to ‘Mulitply’

then use the ‘Flash’ files above the Matte layers and set these to ‘Screen’


I recommend changes your images/video file every time it flips

Add one of the sounds to sell the transitions

Then use one of the flash files just before every new image flip


TIP 2 :

I also recommend that any time the ‘View-Master’ stretches outside the normal shape, you also skew your footage

Untick uniform scale and have fun skewing your footage to match the vibe of the editing

See Below:

Screenshot 2019-09-14 at 12.09.40.png