Kodak Dirty Pack // NSFW

kodak dirty pack grB.jpg
kodak dirty pack grB.jpg

Kodak Dirty Pack // NSFW


Here is my Custom Film overlay pack 'Kodak Dirty Pack' NSFW

This one is based on a dirtier, organic style while still making them fun and easy to use. Also has a color grain to it rather then just a normal grain.

Works with any camera and any software, Just drag & drop!

Files are 4096 x 2160

If you get confused on how to use the overlays, the end of the tile is what 'Blend Mode' they should be

i.e // 'Multiply', 'Screen', 'Overlay' etc

Usually you want the Matte files first, then the screen files and then the overlay file all on top of your video file

Enjoy :)

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Don’t forget if the grain or noise is sometimes too strong, just adjust the opacity of the file // Or adjust the saturation to your choice but my intention was to keep them strong

Here are some before & after examples: