Instagram - Super8 Pack

insta8 click.jpg
insta8 click.jpg

Instagram - Super8 Pack


This Instagram Super8 Overlay Pack includes my scans custom edited for ease of use

I designed this pack to work in Instagram to keep my edits fun and anytime your client can’t afford to shoot film, well you can fake it a bit.

Your edit timeline either needs to be 1x1 (1000x1000) or Story version is (1080x1920)

Then just drag and & drop like all my other packs

Very easy to use with any camera

How To Use:

Drag the Matte files on top of your video file and set the blend mode as ‘Multiply’

Then drag any of the Screen or Perf files above the Matte layer and set the blend mode as ‘Screen’

To use any of the ‘Flash/Transition’ files as a transition piece to your next clip. Place this on top of all the layers and set the blend mode to ‘Screen’

(TIP: Use all the ‘Super8’ files close to another with transitions to help sell the effect even more)

Also don’t forget to use any of the ‘Grain’ files above everything and set the blend mode as ‘Overlay’

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