Dirty Dirty Grain

dirty grain files small.jpg
dirty grain files small.jpg

Dirty Dirty Grain


Sometimes a nice clean image just won’t make the piece shine
There is always something about a nice film grain to either give your piece a nice texture or to simply give it a style

Clip is 4K Prores 422 Proxy (only one small file here due to upload limit)
files has to be prores to maintain the detail without it turning into mush by MP4 

‘I wanted to sell the the Dirty Grain Files as a pack but as the clips have to be in Prores, the upload limit won’t fit all the files in one pack so I had to separate the clips’

‘I could sell them as a pack but they would have to be MP4 files, due to the grain being fine…the MP4 codec makes them look like mush, Prores doesn’t do that and they need to be high quality to maintain the grain/film look’

Files work in any software. Just add any Grain clip above your video file. Set the Grain clip blend Mode as 'Overlay' and you're done

Song in Video is 'Life is A Journey' from 'Time To Believe' Album on my site

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