Custom Film Matte Overlays

customfilm matte.jpg
customfilm matte.jpg

Custom Film Matte Overlays


I originally designed these overlays for my own personal use for b-roll footage and fashion style shoots/events

Since it’s hard to find a film overlay that works well I decided to share the ones I created

It takes a few set ups to layer it right for the right look so I set them up in folders to make it easier, making it one file never looks right when you change the ‘Blend Mode’ so I had to create 3 separate files

There are 3 Mattes, 3 Film Burns and 2 Grain Files to use. Each matte and film burn has to go with its own size for it to look right.

The grain can go with anything, just use which one you prefer

All files are in 4096x2160 Prores Proxy

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. First drag in the ‘Matte’ file above your video clip and set the opacity blend mode to ‘Multiply’

. Then drag in the ‘Burn’ file and set the opacity blend mode to ‘Screen’

. Now drag in the grain file above all the clips and set the opacity blend mode to ‘Overlay’