iPhone5S - Low Budget Filmmaking

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So I finally got an iPhone5S…I went with the gold color, just a 16GB.

I've been having fun with the slow motion feature, 120fps in 720p. Pretty crazy for a phone…not forgetting other phones can also shoot 4K

After I edited a few videos I shot with the iPhone5S using 120fps…it hit me that, only 2 years ago I shot a music video (paid gig) on the Canon 1DMIV.

A £2,000 camera still at that price today, which only shoots as slow as 50fps in 720p…. Quality not that crazy different either


So here are the videos I shot and edited with my iPhone5S:

Beach Test


Woods Test


Don't forget that the quality is even better if you choose to shoot using the 1080p mode. Bare in mind if you want to shoot…say a low budget music video….the iPhone5S naturally shoots

at 30fps.

So grab yourself the Filmicpro app and set your settings to 25fps in both settings, film and audio sync


Have fun with your iPhones