1 Garage, 7 Music Videos, 7 Different Sets

Back when I used to shoot music videos, about 3-4 years ago…I started to notice the budgets going lower and lower

So before my final run with them, I worked out that if planned right...

I could probably get some fairly high quality looking set locations out of my garage

I mainly used my garage as storage, so i thought I may as well try and make something out of it

Here is a batch of music videos I shot in my garage before I built sets in it:

They were still decorated to match the mood of the artist, but no set build

Matt Lonsdale - Chemistry

involves posters, lens flares


The Valiant - Home Of The Grave

involves use of projector on a garage wall


Great Scott - Eyes Open

party vibe with ballons etc


Next video I used Lots and lots of flour, took forever to do and was very messy….wont do it again haha


Ocean Red - Measures


Then after these shoots, I thought…how can I continue to shoot in the garage but create even more looks

so people don't think its just shot in the garage. Til this day I don't think I told anyone I shot most of my music videos in my garage haha

SOooo…. let the set building begin!

I went to B&Q, bought some flooring, plasterboard, wallpaper, fixtures and started to plan the sets

Cuz I knew I couldn't afford to build a set for every band, I had to think of a way that I can decorate it over and over, that wouldn't cost me too much and still make profit.

Kinda like a house, you can make it new again just by a few adjustments

The tricky part was, one of the walls had to be built in front of the garage door

which then meant…I couldn't get in and out of the garage, let alone a band full of people and gear haha

in the picture below, you can see what I mean about the door

door walls

So I got hold of a builder, we talked about the best way we could build a wall on the existing walls…but being able to remove and attach it over and over again

I suggested we build a wall on a slider type of bracket, he came up with the idea of a latch so the wall can swing away inside the garage

so we could open the garage door.

Then once everyone was back in, after a break, lunch etc the wall could swing back into place when the garage door is shut

So it basically acted as a big door.

Then for different sets, bands…I basically built other walls to change the look, different wall paper, lighting fixtures etc

Bands at first thought the price for the shoot was pricy

but finding a location with similar looks was almost double just for the location…not including the price of me to shoot, direct and edit

or... we do what every one else was doing and…well shoot another video in another big open field

nothing wrong with that, but as you know…it gets boring

so this was still the cheapest way to have a set type video look within budget

I ended up creating 3 different looks for 3 different bands

Here are the looks, videos and some info:

One of the first ones came about after I saw a house in the woods. I couldn't get access to the house...

so I created what I thought it would look like inside, in my garage for the music video.

Also, always good to ask your Dad for help too, good bonding…just make sure you have Bacon Sandwiches and coffee for him, haha


My Betty also helped out and did an awesome job on the stencil, for the chalk scene


here is the video for that look:

Pavilions - Science & Gods



2nd set I built was a lot of black sheets over the walls


As you can see in the pics, I didnt have a lot of room to work with with all these videos

so do plenty of tests shots before bands arrive, lens checks, angels etc

Here is the video:

Avagrace - Reading Pictures



The last set was based around lightbulbs:


As you can see i left the sheets up to have a nice black fall off

Here is the video:

Aurora - Easily Broken


Hopefully anyone who shoots music videos, this might help them out…creating different looks with not much budget.