iPhone LUTS


iPhone LUTS


Hopefully these LUTS will make you more excited about filming on your iPhone

Note: Adobe Clip App is needed with an Adobe account for the LUTS to work on your iPhone (both free) How to install is in my video and pdf file 

(all LUTS are not available but a good majority are)

Otherwise, use the LUTS as normal within your editing program, 

Adobe Premiere CC, FCPX or Davinci Resolve LUTS 

LUTS also work with FilmicPro log recordings, just use the LOG Folder LUTS

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To flick through the 'LUTS' in the Creative Control Panel in Adobe Premiere Pro - Go To 'Applications', 'Adobe Premiere Pro CC', Right click 'Show Package Contents', 'Contents', 'Lumetri', 'LUTs', 'Creative' 

and then drag in the whole 'DaVinci Resolve' folder containing the LUTS