Blackmagic Event

Recently, Blackmagic have been very kind to loan me the URSA camera.

My RED EPIC was recently stolen while out on a for my recent shoot in PARIS, I shot it with the URSA.

I paired it up with the amazing Sigma Art series lenses, 18-35mm 1.8 and the 50mm 1.4


After the Paris shoot, Blackmagic asked if I would help share some of my knowledge for a great event they were throwing

'From still images to Cinematography', some people were coming from still photography to cinema and the others were coming

from a DSLR video background to shooting with the awesome 'Pocket Cinema Camera', shooting 13 stops of Dynamic Range and the ability to shoot RAW or Prores.


The event was a great chance for me to say thanks to the Blackmagic team, as well as hang out with the class and show some of the people some insight.


Blackmagic were very organised with how they set everything up.

They set up two teams to shoot at the same time, each team had 4/5 people.

One team would shoot inside and the other would shoot outside. Then one person would direct the piece while the others shot the piece.

Then they would switch until everyone had time to direct.

This was great as you could definately see who shines as a director and who works better as a DOP.

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The next day, the team got to learn how to use Resolve, then they were blown away that it was a free software with amazing abilities.


The location was at 'The Lake District'


Despite having an amazing time, you could say my Sat Nav took me the scenic route and I got little lost haha

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I have now purchased the Blackmagic URSA Camera and compared to my EPIC, besides the weight and size its very hard to tell the difference.

...I love using it on shoots and the clients love it too.


I lug it around in the awesome 'Tenba Roadie II Hybrid' gets me around nice and fast... ready to shoot :)