iPhone 6S/6S Plus


Like many other people in the world, I just got the new iPhone 6S Plus

Pretty exciting to be shooting 4K video on iPhones with the stabilisation in the 6S Plus


Here is my first test, not that great as I was impatient haha


It was graded with my 'Peach fade LUT from my 'iPhone LUTS' below:


Then my second day with the phone and I shot another quick little clip:


This time I added a light grade to the piece


Regarding my iPhone LUTS, here are some before and after example below:

i back

Straight out of the iPhone 6S Plus

fade back

with my 'Fade LUT'

wide i

Straight out of the iPhone 6S Plus

flat wide

with my 'Flat LUT'

wide film 1

With my 'Film LUT'

iphone run

Straight out of the iPhone 6S Plus

peach fade run

with my 'Peach Fade LUT'

iPhone LUTS available below:


Works on your iPhone using the 'Adobe Clip' app which is free

Or you can use these LUTS with 'Adobe Premiere Pro, FCPX or Davinci Resolve

How to Install my LUTS:


this video was shot on the iPhone 5S with my LUTS:


enjoy, have fun and share your videos :)